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Focal Species

Focal species are sensitive species in the RCIS region that will benefit from conservation and habitat enhancement actions described in the RCIS.

Focal species are chosen by the Steering Committee, following CDFW’s focal species guidelines.  Focal species must represent the diverse ecosystems within the RCIS region– including grassland, riparian, vernal pools, and seasonal creeks. Through mitigation credit agreements, landowners can receive payments for creating habitat for focal species. For more information on mitigation credit agreements and mitigation projects, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Blunt-nosed leopard lizard

San Joaquin kit fox

Burrowing owl

Crotch bumble bee

Buena Vista Lake ornate shrew

California tiger salamander

Pallid bat

Western spadefoot

Vernal pool fairy shrimp

Tricolored blackbird

Tipton kangaroo rat

Swainson’s hawk

Striped adobe-lily

Kaweah brodiaea

Valley oak