Striped adobe-lily. Image by Jeff Bisbee.

Striped adobe-lily

General Information: The striped adobe-lily has a bell-shaped, fragrant flower with six light pink petals with dark pink stripes. It can only be found in California, particularly in the foothills of Kern and Tulare counties.

CategoryFocal species
Surface Water Needs: None
Federal Listing Status: None
State Listing Status: Threatened, California Rare Plant Rank 1B.1

Potential Conservation Actions:  

  • Create grazing plans
  • Plant natives

Fun Fact

The striped adobe-lily grows from a bulb and is a perennial, which means it grows back year after year.


The striped adobe-lily grows in woodlands, valley and foothill grasslands, and oak woodlands. It is typically found among clay soils and north-facing slopes.


Oak woodlands

Mountainous woodlands

Disturbance and Stressors

Loss of habitat due to urbanization and agriculture, competition with nonnative plants, and road maintenance and use all contribute to the decline of the striped adobe-lily. Heavy overgrazing also impacts the plant.


Residential development

Road maintenance
and use

Nonnative plants

Striped adobe-lily. Image by Jeff Bisbee.

Sources: California Native Plant Society, Rare Plant Program 2021; Stebbins 1989
Photo credits: Jeff Bisbee, University of California Berkeley